We innovate to solve global infrastructure challenges.

A letter to our shareholders from President & CEO John Kasel

Photo of John Kasel President & CEO
In 2023, following pivotal portfolio changes made in the previous two years, L.B. Foster Company began to realize the impact of our strategic playbook through improved performance. We increased profitability, implemented organic growth drivers, focused on initiatives that manifested positive results, and executed a business portfolio transformation. Through our brand repositioning, we communicated a simplified message to customers and stakeholders across the globe. Execution of our strategy has positioned us well to benefit from an infrastructure investment super cycle in North America.

Core Segments

Our rebrand strategy was all about bringing order and structure across L.B. Foster Company, both visually and structurally.

We had become an increasingly complex brand and product landscape because of acquisitions and internal developments. Our goal was to deliver simplicity to our brand positioning.

In line with changes in the Company, we tested Rail and Infrastructure segment descriptors with a cross-section of customers. The classification was based on a greater alignment with how customers viewed our offerings. The overwhelming response was positive as customers said it helped them make better sense of what we do and in which markets.

Core segment Image 1
Core segment Image 2

Areas of Influence

We power the global Rail and Infrastructure segments. Our engineered solutions apply innovative technologies designed to transform safety, reliability, and efficiency.

We enable safety
We always place safety first in everything we do.
We keep things moving
We embrace innovations that relentlessly drive things forward.
We enhance environments
We are focused on enhancing environments.
We improve information flow
We transform data into innovative solutions to improve how we navigate our world.
We monitor conditions
We develop dynamic solutions that respond to critical changes in performance.

Core Competencies

We have an entrepreneurial, can-do culture that is energized by a real sense of purpose and resourcefulness.

We solve problems
We are at our best with a problem to solve. We do it by looking at the world through the eyes of our customers, working with them to always do better.
We think big
We unleash the skills within our business to help our customers realize their vision and achieve their goals.
We are relentless
We are never limited by the way we do things today. We are always on the lookout for better ways to do them tomorrow.
We nurture partnerships
We develop long-term partnerships with our colleagues, our communities, our suppliers, and our customers based on openness and honesty.
We exercise care
We keep everyone safe by being thoughtful and responsible in everything we do, no matter how big or small.